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Root Canals
Bend, OR

3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its roots at Lone Pine Dental in Bend, ORThere are several remedies for treating infected teeth. Root canal treatment is one technique that can help to save your damaged tooth. Root canal treatment involves removal of the infected tissues of your tooth, the pulp, to stop further damage to your tooth and gums. Our dental experts at Lone Pine Dental have the required expertise to perform root canal treatment using safe techniques. We have many years of experience offering root canals for patients who wanted to save their teeth from further damage and potential loss. If you are considering getting root canal treatment, there are several facts that can help you understand what the process entails and whether it is the right treatment option for you.

You Should See the Dentist, Even if Your Pain Subsides

Many patients make the mistake of failing to see the dentist just because their toothache stopped. You experience a toothache when you have an infected tooth because the pulp of your tooth has blood vessels and nerves. When the pain stops it is likely caused by the pulp dying. People often think that the pain subsides because the infection stopped. However this is not the case, and it is a sign that the problem is progressing and can cause loss of your tooth in the process. Once the infection spreads to your roots you will have further symptoms, such as facial swelling and pus oozing from your gums. Seek immediate medical attention when you have toothache to stop the progression of your infection.

Root Canal Treatment is Not Painful

One thing that makes people fear root canal treatment is because they associate the procedure with pain. This is not the case since there is no pain felt while receiving the treatment. Modern advancements in dentistry have provided dentists with safe and pain-free techniques of administering the treatment. The dental procedure is meant to relieve you from pain and not necessarily to cause more of it. Our dental experts apply a local anesthetic that numbs the affected area which goes a long way in ensuring that you will not feel pain during the procedure.

Root Canal Surgery is Not Permanent

Once you have your root canal treatment it does not mean that you should stop coming in for regular dental checkups or discontinue your dental hygiene habits such as flossing and brushing. You will need to continue to care for your teeth and gums to ensure that you do not get further infections.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment? We Can Help!

If you require root canal treatment, you should contact our Lone Pine Dental clinic immediately. You should not wait any longer as the infection can worsen and you can lose your affected tooth. Call us at (541) 668-8036 to consult with a dental professional and schedule an appointment at our clinic.
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If you require root canal treatment, you should contact our Lone Pine Dental clinic in Bend, OR immediately. Call us now to schedule!
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