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Periodontal Care
Bend, OR

Side by side drawings comparing a healthy tooth with another tooth suffering from periodontal disease at Lone Pine Dental in Bend, ORWhen the support of teeth is destroyed by infections in the gums this is called periodontal disease. The main reason for developing infections is the dental plaque that accumulates on the teeth. When plaque hardens it forms tartar which is hard and brings about gum disease. It is important to floss and brush teeth daily to ensure that you keep dental plaque away, and so that you can maintain the health of your gums, as well as your teeth. Our dentists here at Lone Pine Dental will treat you with periodontal maintenance and care to help treat your gum disease.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing must be done daily, because it helps in the prevention of cavities and gum disease. Decaying of the teeth and having periodontal disease is because there is an accumulation of dental plaque on the teeth and the area below the gum line. When you make it a habit of flossing and brushing there will be less occurrence of gum disease since flossing and brushing washes away food particles. Periodontal disease is mainly caused by the bacteria in the mouth that combines with leftover food particles to form plaque. Plaque is a colorless sticky film that forms on the teeth.

Periodontal Disease

Bacteria contained in plaque create toxins or acids that aggravate the gums, which might also cause them to become red, swell and bleed readily. If this irritation is continued, the gums detach from the teeth, leading to pockets for development. As periodontal disorders advance, the surrounding gum tissue and bone that keeps teeth in place erode. If left untreated, this leads to dental decay that finally makes the tooth become loose and will either fall out or need to be removed.

Gum Disease Prevention

Dental exams and dental cleanings are two ways to prevent having periodontal disease. The dentist can conduct examinations to help determine early health problems. During a dental exam, the dentist will ensure that they check for several issues such as oral cancer. The dentist will also look at the teeth and if they have plaque and tartar. After an examination, the dentist will clean your teeth.

You need to maintain regular flossing and brushing of the teeth. Ensure that you floss and brush at least twice daily. This is very important for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

Things to Avoid

To ensure that your gums are healthy, you need to avoid smoking. Smoking causes the teeth to discolor and they weaken.
If you have bruxism, which is grinding of the teeth, that can make the gums weak.

Gums can be affected by poor nutrition; this occurs when the teeth and gums do not get enough nutrients.

Our dental team at Lone Pine Dental offers a well-planned periodontal maintenance and care program way to take care of the gums and help prevent gum disease. Do not hesitate to book an appointment by calling us at (541) 668-8036 for regular periodontal maintenance care.
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